Storepoint works with all web platforms and CMS systems. Here, we'll show you how to embed Storepoint on a Squarespace site specifically. Learn more about our store locator for squarespace.


1. Copy Snippet From Storepoint

Our first step is to login to your storepoint account and go to the "Embed Map" page. Here, you can select and copy the snippet. 

store locator embed snippet

2. Embed On Squarespace

Now that you've copied the snippet, it's time to go into your Squarespace account. Here, navigate to or create the page where you'd like your locator to show up and select "Edit Page Content".

From there, in the top right, click the "plus" button:

Then, you will need to scroll down and select the "Code" block element under "More":

All you need to do now is paste the code snippet you copied from Storepoint before into the text box and click "Apply":

squarespace code block store locator embed

All Done!

Remember to save your page before exiting and your locator has been added successfully!

You only need to add the locator once to your page, anytime you update locations in Storepoint, they will automatically update in your store locator as well :)

Potential Issues

If you have AJAX loading enabled in Squarespace, you may notice the page needs to be refreshed before the locator displays. This happens when navigating between pages via the menu on your website to the store locator page. You can fix this in two different ways and we highlight both in our tutorial here: