Accurate Locator Results with Dealer and Service Catchment Areas

Create catchment areas, exclusive or restricted regions for your locations, ensuring accurate search results and better service area management.

Our catchment area feature allows you to define specific regions for your locations, ensuring that only the relevant locations show up within the designated areas. This is particularly useful for dealers with exclusive territories or service providers with restricted service zones.

You can draw polygon areas to create custom regions and assign locations to these regions, providing more precise search results for your users. This ensures that your locator reflects the actual service boundaries, handling specific regions and borders of your service areas accurately.

In addition, our locator offers flexible and customizable search options, including location search (zip code, address, city, state), keyword search, category or dropdown filter options, and automatic geolocation. We tailor the layout and design to seamlessly match your website theme and brand, ensuring a cohesive and user-friendly experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about our Catchment Area Feature feature.

How do catchment areas work?

Catchment areas allow you to define specific regions by drawing polygon areas. You can assign locations to these regions, ensuring that searches return results only within the defined areas, providing accurate and controlled search outcomes.

Which plans support the catchment area feature?

The catchment area feature is available on a custom plan that can be upgraded after the initial setup. Contact us for more information and pricing details.

How do I set up and use catchment areas?

Setting up catchment areas is simple. You add or import your locations, draw polygon areas to define your regions, and then assign locations to these areas. This ensures accurate and relevant search results within your defined service boundaries.

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