Works everywhere.

Mobile & desktop: Whether your customers browse your website on mobile, tablet or desktop, your store locator will look and work great. Our locator has been optimized for all screen sizes and is fully responsive.

Around the world: No matter where you have locations, Storepoint works. We support locations in all countries and searching by zip code, postcodes, pin codes and much more!

Our store locator is beautifully customized to match your brand and Joomla website. Try some of our store locator examples →

Easy to manage.

Our store locator is very easy to manage so you can get setup and make edits quickly.

Here are a few options for managing your locations:

  • Bulk Upload a Spreadsheet: Upload your spreadsheet or excel file to Storepoint in one easy step and you're all done.
  • Add & Edit Individually: Add & edit locations right in our dashboard. All changes automatically update the locator on your Joomla website.
  • Google Sheets: Love Google Sheets? Link a Google Sheet to Storepoint and it will sync changes automatically.

What makes us unique for Joomla?

Explore some store locator examples created with Storepoint

We have many customization settings available for choosing your map theme, custom map pins and more - but it gets better!

Included free with all plans, our team can customize every detail of the locator, including theme, colors, fonts and more to exactly match your Joomla site design and your branding.

Designers: You can edit your own CSS as well!

Create your store locator in minutes.

1. Create your account

2. Add, upload or sync locations

3. Copy-paste our embed snippet into your Joomla CMS. All done!

Try it free for 7 days

Not ready yet? Explore our examples or schedule a call to discuss your project and our store locator integration with the Joomla CMS.

Features you need for your store locator on Joomla.

Besides looking great, your store locator needs to be easy to use and manage.

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Easily Manage Locations

Add and edit locations easily using our management dashboard.

Bulk Upload or Google Sheet Sync

Fast and easy Bulk upload from CSV or sync from Google Sheets.

Responsive Design

Works and looks great on both mobile & desktop versions of your Joomla site.

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Beautiful & Customizable

Customize your store locator to match your Joomla site without any code.

CSS editor available as well!

Product/Category Filter

Help customers filter by product, categories or location type.

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Automatic Geolocation

Instantly show the locations closest to your web visitors.

Effortless Setup

Setup your locator in minutes. No coding required.

Works Everywhere

Storepoint locator works with locations anywhere in the world.

Unparalleled Support

We're here to help you, from setup, to management, to customization.

Got ideas? We'll work to build out custom functionality with you.

Our customers love using Storepoint

"From first click of purchase to final product was about 15 minutes of chatting with Jake. He created a beautifully customized map with basically no direction. I'm a stickler for design and the product is beautiful. Highly recommend."


Article One Eyewear

"Happy new subscriber - Great platform, easy to use and excellent service!"

Anna Ojutkangas

Co-Founder at Arctic Power Berries

"It looks awesome! Thank you so much! It looks great on my iPhone as well. Great product and service :)"


Oh Baby Bags