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Google Sheets Not Syncing Issue

Learn how to fix the connection between the Storepoint store locator and Google Sheets if you're having syncing issues.

If your Google Sheet Sync is not syncing or appears to be stuck. For example, saying "sync will start within 5 minutes" or similar for a long time, there is most likely an issue with at least one of two setup items:


  1. Make sure that your permissions on the google sheet are set to exactly "anyone with the link can view". If the permission is not exactly this, the sync process will be unable to open the sheet in order to sync, which may result in getting stuck. To solve, set the permission to "anyone with the link can view".
    • Note: Sometimes, within business google apps accounts, this permission setting is not available. In this case, you may need to ask administrators to enable this or setup the google sheet within a personal google account - in this case, you can always share it with your business account so you can manage it from both.
  2. Make sure that your google sheet column names match our template. The template is available on the sync setup page as well as by going to Manage Locations > Bulk Upload.
    • Note that you may also encounter issues if you have multiple "sheets" within a google sheet. Make sure that your google sheet has only one "sheet" within it (just one tab at bottom).

Once these issues are solved, ping us at [email protected] with your account e-mail and we'll check it out + get it unblocked for you.

Enjoy the rest of your !