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How to add a new tag/category option in your store locator

Learn how to add a new tag to your store locoator

If you'd like to set up a category filter or multiple filters for your store locator, you'll first need to tag locations with tags. Tags can be the type of location, products they stock, category, feature or whatever else you need for your use-case. When you add tags to your locations, customers will then be able to filter on these tags.

Add a tag to an individual location in the dashboard:

When you add a new location or edit a location, simply type your tag in the tags field and hit the "enter" key on your keyboard to add it. 

Repeat the same for any other locations you'd like to tag with the same tag (or any other tags).

Add a tag on the bulk upload spreadsheet/google sheets sync

In your bulk upload template / google sheets spreadsheet, you'll see a tags column. Simply fill out the tags column with the tag or tags (comma separate multiple tags) and upload or sync the filled out spreadsheet.

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