Let's say, for example, that your store locator map only serves locations in Australia & New Zealand. It wouldn't make sense to display search suggestions from other countries when customers are searching their address, zip code, postcode or city. Storepoint store locator lets you easily restrict your address, postcode, zip code, postal code or city location search suggestions to specific countries on your store locator map. 

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to easily restrict your store locator search suggestions to a specific country or multiple countries of your choice.

Step 1: Access your store locator customization settings

In your Storepoint store locator dashboard, navigate to the search settings at Locator Customization > Search & Category Filter Settings. This can be accessed directly here: https://storepoint.co/dashboard/settings/search

You will see the setting for restricting your search suggestions in the "Location Searchbar" section.

Step 2: Add the country/countries to restrict

In the "Restrict search suggestions to specific countries" textbox, enter the countries you'd like to restrict the search suggestions to and choose the appropriate option from the options suggested. When you have them selected, the countries will display as tokens as in the screenshot below:

Now that you have your countries added to the restrictions, save the settings by clicking "Save Settings" at the bottom of the page. 


The search suggestions on your store locator location searchbar will now be restricted to the countries you selected :)

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