How to add a store locator to Joomla

If you're looking to setup a store locator for your Joomla website or a searchable map with multiple locations for your Joomla CMS website, this tutorial will show you how to get setup in minutes. No coding required :) We'll go over a few steps including adding or uploading locations and finally embedding it on your Joomla website.

Step 1: Add, Bulk Upload or Setup a Sync for your locations

In your Storepoint store locator app account, navigate to the "Manage Locations" page at

If you don't already have an account with Storepoint to create your store locator for Joomla, you can create one here:

Here you can click "Add A Location" (top left) to add a location or if you have many locations, it would be better to use the "Bulk Upload Locations" tool to upload from a spreadsheet/excel file or use our google sheets sync feature:

Bulk Upload Locations: Simply fill out a spreadsheet with your location info and upload it using our "Bulk Upload Locations" tool. 

Google Sheets Sync: You can also create a store locator from locations in a google sheet, learn more about our google sheets sync integration here:

Step 2: Add the store locator map to your Joomla website

Now that we've added a few locations, you can now setup the joomla store locator map on your website.

  1. In the Storepoint dashboard, copy your embed snippet from the "Embed Map" page, also accessible here when logged in:
  2. Now, simply login to your Joomla admin panel and create a new page (article) where you want your store locator to display or go to the existing article where you'd like to add your store locator.
  3. Now that you're on the article where you'd like to add your store locator, click the "HTML" button on the editor
  4. Paste the embed snippet we copied from Storepoint in the first point and click "Update"
  5. All done! Your Joomla store locator will now display on this article/page. 

Create your store locator in minutes.

1. Create your account

2. Copy-paste into your website editor.

3. Add, bulk upload or sync your locations.

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