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Bulk upload locations from a spreadsheet for your store locator

Learn how to bulk upload locations from a spreadsheet, excel file or CSV for the store locator on your website.

The easiest way to add locations to your store locator, especially if you have many locations is via bulk upload. Storepoint's store locator software lets you easily bulk upload locations from CSV, excel files or other spreadsheets. If you're looking to sync your locations into your store locator from a Google Sheet, follow our store locator with google sheets sync tutorial instead.

Step 1: Your Spreadsheet

The Bulk Upload Template

Whether you have an existing spreadsheet or are in the process of creating a new spreadsheet of locations, setting up your spreadsheet to work with Storepoint is very easy.

All you need to do is make sure the column names (first row of your spreadsheet) match the column names in our template which can be downloaded here. Simply rename the column names in your existing spreadsheet to match ours or use the template to start your new spreadsheet. Note that only the name and address columns are required - all others are completely optional. Once your spreadsheet is ready, make sure to save it in CSV format and you'll be ready to upload.

*Note on addresses

You'll notice we have an address column and also other columns related to the address such as city, state, country, etc...

  • If your current spreadsheet has the full address in just one column, simply make sure your address column is named address and feel free to ignore the other columns such as city, state, etc.. since the full address will already be in the address column.
  • If your address data is split up into parts in your existing dataset or spreadsheet, you can make use of the separate columns such as address, postcode, city, state, and country. In this case, you would just put the street address into the address column and the rest of the address information into their respective columns. 

Step 2: Storepoint Store Locator Setup

  1. If you don't have one already, signup for a Storepoint account at
  2. Once in the Storepoint account, simply navigate to the "Manage Locations" page in the dashboard.
  3. Click "Bulk Upload" and select your spreadsheet you created from Step 1 - make sure the spreadsheet file was saved in CSV format.
  4. Click "Upload" to upload your selected spreadsheet and it'll start processing right away. If this is your first upload, it can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the total number of locations.

You can now customize the map or embed the map on your site - anytime you upload new locations, they will automatically update on the locator map on your site.

We're here to help if any questions come up or if you encounter any issues. Whether you have questions about the bulk upload, embedding on your site or customizations, let us know! [email protected]

Thank you for using Storepoint's store locator app :)

Enjoy the rest of your !